WTS Prospect Covert Cyno alt - 6M SP

Docked: Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge
Security Status: -7.8
Killrights: YES, 5 kill rights against this char, need 30days for clear
Jump clone: 1 clone in Jita 4-4, all capsule empty
NPC corporation, positive wallet.


pull up

Skill link not working. Also, if you are still selling Akina, let me know :wink:

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Skillq link share expired/invalid, please resolve and flag post to have this thread unlocked.

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Thread reopened.

Akina will go on sale after January 15, and until then she will continue to be forced to drive the Ishtar for rats :stuck_out_tongue:
Now you can find she in vale of the slient region

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5B offer.