WTS PVP Hel in Dronelands

(Keira Guavani) #1

I am looking to sell my Hel out in dronelands. Comes hyperspat fit with full tank and travel refits + full fighter and fuel bay. Includes nestor, and several DSTs full of cap charges.

In total it’s worth around 36b, looking for a quick sale hmu ingame

(Keira Guavani) #2

bump still for sale


I assume it’s somewhere in space or a POS?

(David Regazzini) #4

message me in game

(Keira Guavani) #5

Yes it is logged off in space, somewhere in dronelands.

(Jason Knight Knight) #6

whats the fit link me evepraisal please and what region is it logged off in?

(Keira Guavani) #7

Still for sale

(Keira Guavani) #8

sfs bump

(Keira Guavani) #9

still for sale

(David Regazzini) #10

withdrawn, you never replied in-game so I bought a different one

(system) #11

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