WTS: Ragnarok 67.89b SOLD

Hyper Rag 65b - Basgerin KS - SOLD
T2 Large Rigged Aeon 15.88b - Basgerin KS SOLD
Avatar Hull 69.8b- Aunenen KS SOLD
Ragnarok T2 shield rigged, T2 guns - Aunenen KS: 67.89b SOLD

All on public contract

Bump. Aeon on public for 15.89.

I’ll take the Avatar - contract to me and I’ll accept later today when online.

Will do later tonight. Currently at work

Contract up

Still have an avatar pm me


Aeon thrown on pub contract

Aeon sold, 1 Avatar left, now on pub contract

Rag added. PM


Up up up

Rag with guns still left


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