WTS Rattlesnake BPCs (many)

(Online Girlfriend) #1

WTS a large amount of rattlesnake BPCs

250m each

245m each if you buy 5+

240m each if you buy 10+

Located in Jita, will be done via private contract

Mail me or post here

(Online Girlfriend) #2

bump buy these

(Online Girlfriend) #3

bump buy these

(Cloon McCloon) #4

how many you have?

(Online Girlfriend) #5

I think it’s currently 31 or 33

(Cloon McCloon) #6

I’ll take all 31 of em for 7.1b (7.55b if its 33). Private contract to me if you are good with that.

(Online Girlfriend) #7

I’ve sold 10, so I’ll do the remaining to you later today

(Online Girlfriend) #8

I put them up 21 for 5.04b, which is 240m each

any less and I might as well make them and sell them to buy orders

(system) #9

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