WTS Revenant BPC


WTS Revenant BPC :

  • Buyout 80B
  • Located in high sec
  • Pref Isk but Open for trade / Plex

Fly safe

Bump :wave:

Bump :wave:

bumb 50b lowball offer since I dont know what to do with my isk anymore

I’ve had offers in the range that I wanted, I’m just not in a hurry to sell it, if it’s to make such stupid offers you can keep it.
Thx for the bump i suppose

Bump :wave:

Bump 95B

Bump :wave:

Bump :wave:

bump lol

My dude It’s the Christmas vacations, go with your family or something, stop playing this dead game.
Thx for bump

Bump :slight_smile:

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