WTS Rhea JF Pilot. JDC V, JFC V 20.7m skill points

Auctioning my character off to highest bidder. Character is in Newbro corporation now after leaving my old one.

Not in a rush to sell, so remind yourself I am looking for solid offers if you are looking to snipe her up.

Comes with full HIGH-GRADE SNAKE set clone and +5 implant clone (basic on social/chr)

Flys all JF within a month (faster with remap, currently INT32/MEM26 (remap available, 1 bonus available)

No kill rights, Positive Isk, only positive standings, and NPC corp. I will pay transfer

Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: 21b

pw: 1234

15 bil

Updated description and added a buy out

17 b/o

I’ll except your buyout offer “Laughing Glenn” of 17b if there are no higher offers by this evening when I’m home from work.

Consider this a 12 hour count down to end of auction

Sold to Laughing Glenn for 17b. Awaiting isk tranfser and account name to initiate transfer

Will send to you from Destiny Jaded

isk and info sent, initiate asap please

Isk received, character transfer initiated

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