WTS Rorq Pilot

75B or make an offer I cant refuse…


WTS 82 Million SP- Jump Freighter 5 / Command Ship 5 / HAC 5 / Orca / RORQUAL Pilot

SirBastard is a Great Name!
Pilot is located in JITA 4.4
Positive Sec status (5.0) and Standings
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
1 Remap available
+5 Training Pod

I offer 60B

62b offer

ohh … i see there no skill for rorqs trained :frowning: only to rank 1-3… sorry

but i would take it for 61b and can only transfer to, because that are the rules Sir Bastard

the other skills, are very bad. to fly a rorq is not enough

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