WTS Rorqual - SOLD

Longest name EVER ship - Investment into history of EVE

Why is this the longest ship name ever you ask?

This ship was originally created using the very first special edition SKIN, back when those were BPCs.
This ship was therefore constructed as Rorqual ORE Development Edition and upon activation, it automatically received the longest ship name ever “Guren no Tsuki’s Rorqual ORE Development Edition”


This is 48 characters and 7 words worth. Current ship name character limit is only 20 characters, so this name bypasses it by a whopping 28.

Since the change of SKINs from BPC to what they are today and renaming of that SKIN to Nocx Rush, this is potentially one an only Rorqual of that BPC build still remaining with its original name.

Why Sell then?

I have insured this ship and it will run out in less than a week, as such I know there are people out there who can appreciate its history and value and I would rather see it become part of someone’s collection than end up in doomheim.

So how much do I want for it?

While one cannot put price on history, I will be willing to part with it for 4.5 B ISK
It has the following fit:

[Rorqual, Guren no Tsuki’s Rorqual ORE Development Edition]
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Capital Emergency Hull Energizer I

Industrial Core I
Shield Command Burst I
Shield Command Burst II
Shield Command Burst II
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
Prototype Cloaking Device I

Capital Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Capital Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Capital Core Defense Field Extender I

Hammerhead I x10
Ogre II x12
Warden II x9
Bouncer II x14
Warrior II x19
Infiltrator II x10

Shield Extension Charge x405
Active Shielding Charge x106
Shield Harmonizing Charge x368
Heavy Water 8,000
Oxygen Isotopes 28,000

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This is eve

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Where is it located, if its lowsec, i am interested

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Its located in low sec - Ihakana , so next to high sec and 1 cyno jump from maila or obe.

bump. @haz_zard are you still interested?

anyone else is interested in this part of EVE History

still up for sale :slight_smile:

piece of history right here, cheap too

still for sale. Have a great weekend!

still being sold if you want to have this in your collection

hi guys, this is still for sale, its not a joke and it really has value for collectors (i believe).

still for sale guys


another proof that its the longest name ever! Yours for 4.5B isk or near offer!

4B offer ready when you are. Please msg me in game. -Metal Jack

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set up contract to my alt “Metal Hagop” please. I’ll take it where it currently is in Ihakana. o7

oki doki , done

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