WTS Rorqual , Thanatos , Apostle BPO- CLOSED

Rorqual ME 9 TE 10 - 6.5b<–SOLD
Thanatos ME 9 TE 12 - 2.8b
Apostle ME9 TE12 - 3.5b

located in jita. 12b if you take all.

*Prices changed

Sure, throw me the Rorq and I’ll accept when I get home (in 10 hrs)

Contract is up, thx!

Thanatos ME 9 TE 12 - 2.7b
Apostle ME9 TE12 - 3.4b

Thanatos 2.6b
Apostle 3.3b

Thanatos 2.5b
Apostle 3.2b

both bpos sold.

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