WTS Sabre BPO -110B current bid- 3 days remaining

Sold to highest bidder from PMs while I was gone. Thanks

Bump, not replying to ingame mails, sorry. Will only reply to mails if they are offer figures in the right ballpark.

maybe just… u know…
say what u want for it? would save us all alot of time


I would like to ask how much you want bpo?


90 bil offer but most likely a free bump.

last one i bought for 80 but i can offer 91 :smirk:

Thankyou for the offers, they are being considered and I will have an answer in 13 days if your offers still stand.

I will continue bumping until that point.
I have received an ingame offer of 100B, unsure of if this person wants to be named, so I won’t.

As said before, priority will go to high ME Avatar BPO & ISK but I know that not everyone has this.

Bump, and ingame mail came through with a 102B offer.


Time remaining:


Please note I only check PMs ingame once per day. Less than 13 days until production ends.


Offer is currently at 103B

It would be easier if you all battled this out in this thread so I don’t have to keep checking PMs, lol.

Here is the newest bid…


Strange request, but I will reply.

12 days remaining.

Up it comes.
Just under 11 days remaining.

Up we go. 9 days left

Bump again, not long to go.

Your English is bad, your grammar is awful, you are EXTREMELY rude and you have not indicated even a ballpark price range that you are looking for.

I would advise anyone to boycott this sale. Please don’t allow awful sales like this.

Hello, English is not everyones first language, I am trying my best.


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Boycott it so someone can buy it cheap? :rofl:

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7 days remaining. Apologies if I offended anyone.

6 days remaining.

4 days

3 days remaining

As a heads up I retracted my 110 bil bid don’t let this guy scam you