WTS: Setele's Damage Control

WTS the following:

Setele’s Modified Damage Control - 26.5b (on market in Jita)

Post here if you’re interested - I barely check in-game messages.

Setele,s Modified Damage Control 25Bill ready to go

Too low. Thanks for the free bump.

To the top! Everything is still available. Some prices adjusted.

15B for the Chelms SB

Too low.

16 =)

Ill do 17b each for the chelm’s SBs but only if you take both of the ones I have.

I would take your AB + cloack + 3x fighter support unit for 9B, if you agree just send a contract

Too low. I cant do all of that for 9b, im sorry. I could do the 3x FSU and the AB for that price but not with the cloak.

Im taking half your stock at once, I don’t think 100mill off is a decent deal at all. I admit 9B is a little low for the 5 modules, but they take time to sell. I can go at 9,5B if that makes you more comfortable

I’m in no hurry to sell. I’ll do 10b for the FSUs, the cloak, and the ab.

Up to the top, everything is still available.

Up up up! Still available.

I offer

Chelm’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb x 1 - 17b
Domination 10000mn Afterburner - 4b
Kaikka’s Modified Cloaking Device - 1.5b
Sentient Fighter Support Unit x3 - 1.5b each

27 bil for the above, contract them me if you accept.


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Deal. Contract is up.

Accepted, thanks.

No problem!

To the top! Stock updated.

Up up up!