WTS skill farm with 3 characters

All characters have two +5 brain plugs, both primary and secondary.
Skill is absolutely clean, all in armor (intelligence + memory).
Links for characters:

Read the rules! you cant sell the account only the characters.

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Are u still want this?

No, You cant sell the account only the characters.

yes, the 3 characters, not account.

can you please at least read the link he posted and correctly edit your first post and follow the rest of the rules… IE posting with each char for sale etc.

Thread has been closed due to the following reasons:

  • Disclosure information not provided for each character
  • All 3 characters are still in a player corporate - characters must be in an NPC corporation prior to sale
  • Each of the characters for sale must post in thread that they are for sale (for threads containing multiple characters for sale only such as this one)

Please read the Character Bazaar rules before reposting this ad.


ISD Bahamut