WTS Sleeve - 'Drone' (right)

(Sentar Dethahal) #1

For anyone unaware, the Sleeve Tattoos were made available for pre-purchasers of the EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition. There were 4 variants, and they were left/right arm versions of each.

The one for sale here is shown below, though it’s the right arm as opposed to the left shown in the image.

There are two presently listed in Jita, with the lowest at 9.499b. They aren’t listed anywhere else on the market, and no contracts exist.

I’m looking for 9.1b, but will also consider reasonably close offers. In game mail is a sure way to reach me, but I will also keep an eye on this thread.

(Sentar Dethahal) #2

Still looking for a buyer