WTS Starting toon. (11,5M SP) (SOLD)

(Coldvyvora SoulStorm) #1

all-around Character - mining, science, missiles, (it is what your first character would look like)
(has 2 Billion in Assets scatered in HS also)
:arrow_forward: Positive Wallet
:arrow_forward: No Kill Rights
:arrow_forward: 2 Remaps Available
:arrow_forward: 2 jump clones in high sec (can be moved upon request, it has +4 implants)
:arrow_forward: Character located in Hi-Sec - Jita
:arrow_forward: Good Security Standings - Can fly hi-sec just fine,
:arrow_forward: Buyout 15B
:arrow_forward: Will Pay Transfer Fee


(Garsk Arran) #2

10b isk ready now

(Coldvyvora SoulStorm) #3

Ok Send me a mail with the Account details
Send the ISK to (Soulstorm) not (Coldvyvora Soulstorm)

(Garsk Arran) #4

Ok I will send isk and acc info on Soulstorm

(Garsk Arran) #5

Isk and acc info sent to SoulStorm

(Coldvyvora SoulStorm) #6

ISK received
im submiting the transfer ticket now.
Thank you

(Garsk Arran) #7

U will transfer via plex?

(Garsk Arran) #8

E-mail recived. TY

(Coldvyvora SoulStorm) #9

Character Sold Sucessfully. (closing topic)

(Garsk Arran) #10

Char recived. TYVM

(system) #11

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