WTS State Protectorate LP

o7, I am looking for a buyer of Caldari FW LP. Open to offers, large amounts available.

Feel free to message me here, ingame (Luka Zaharin) or on discord (luka.zaharin)

Still available

Hello, how many phoenix navy issue bpcs can you provide and at what rate per bpc?

Hello, 7 right away, up to 15 easily within 72hours. More are possible but might need a few days. I am looking for at least 820isk per LP. That brings us with the cost of the BPC itself to 1.02b, slightly above current market for 7 BPCs, but below if you want to purchase larger ammounts.

Still available

Thank you for the response. I think your price is a little too high for what I’m looking for right now. I’m getting some other quotes from LP providers and will let you know

Thank you. I will be out of town for a few days. If you are interested, I will answer asap, but it might take a little week.

Still availabe

Still available

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