WTS Super Carrier Hel/Nid/Wyvern/Chimera Pilot Over 23 Million SP


Character has over 23 Million Skill Points

Character has skills for Minmatar and Caldari Carriers

Great toon, Possitive Wallet, No kill rights, Possitive Security Status, +4 Implant set, No jump clones, Located in Jita, All CCP Rules Apply, I pay the transfer fee.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that the character is currently set up to train drones and the natural remap is available.

Welcome to offers

16b B/O

Thank you for the bid, but I am looking for a bit more than 16 Billion ISK

17b B/O

17.5 b/o

18 b/o

18.5 b/o

19 b/o


ISK ready

20B Isk Ready

20.5B Isk Ready

21B Isk Ready

21.5B Isk Ready

Thank you all for the interest in the character, The bids are extremely close to where I would like to be in order to sell the character. The first 23 Billion ISK bid will win the character. I will be checking the thread for the next hour or so and will be able to initiate the transfer today if a price can be agreed upon.

23B B/0

23 Bilion ISK B/O Accepted in game now awaiting ISK and account info

23B B/O!


ISK and account information received, about to initiate the transfer will confirm here when the transfer has been initiated.