WTS Super Carrier Hel/Nid/Wyvern/Chimera Pilot Over 23 Million SP

(Kent Getoff) #1


Character has over 23 Million Skill Points

Character has skills for Minmatar and Caldari Carriers

Great toon, Possitive Wallet, No kill rights, Possitive Security Status, +4 Implant set, No jump clones, Located in Jita, All CCP Rules Apply, I pay the transfer fee.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that the character is currently set up to train drones and the natural remap is available.

Welcome to offers

(EOH Lummox) #2

16b B/O

(Kent Getoff) #3

Thank you for the bid, but I am looking for a bit more than 16 Billion ISK

(CFA-44) #4

17b B/O

(Keje Koskanaiken) #5

17.5 b/o

(CFA-44) #6

18 b/o

(Keje Koskanaiken) #7

18.5 b/o

(No 1379) #8

19 b/o

(CFA-44) #9


(CFA-44) #10

ISK ready

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #11

20B Isk Ready

(CFA-44) #12

20.5B Isk Ready

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #13

21B Isk Ready

(CFA-44) #14

21.5B Isk Ready

(Kent Getoff) #15

Thank you all for the interest in the character, The bids are extremely close to where I would like to be in order to sell the character. The first 23 Billion ISK bid will win the character. I will be checking the thread for the next hour or so and will be able to initiate the transfer today if a price can be agreed upon.

(wish blue) #16

23B B/0

(Kent Getoff) #17

23 Bilion ISK B/O Accepted in game now awaiting ISK and account info

(CFA-44) #18

23B B/O!

(CFA-44) #19


(Kent Getoff) #20

ISK and account information received, about to initiate the transfer will confirm here when the transfer has been initiated.