Inferno Javelin Rocket Blueprint
Mjolnir Fury Light Missile

Please bid here. Not decided Decided on a buyout and still looking for offers.

Buyout Price : 135 B

90 for the pair.

92B for the pair

95 kkk

96B for the pair

100 here

100for the pair…

105b for the pair

107 kkk

110b for the pair

112 kkk

115b for the pair

Thanks for the bids. Started quite low but steadily moving to the price I wanted to see.
Buyout has been added.

135b B/O, please contract it to this char

Thanks for the buyout offer. It’s yours if no one manages to increase bid by 5 B (140 B) in one hour.

Haha, strange buyout, but fine.

It’s sniping rule or so I heard.
That’s why I also increased the increase in bid to 5 B since I don’t want this to turn into small bid games. I will contract to you in 40 mins if no else bids.

I want to go sleep somewhat earlier than my usual time. Contracted.

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Accepted, thanks!

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