WTS T2 gun BPOs

Dual 180mm AutoCannon II Blueprint
250mm Light Artillery Cannon II Blueprint

60b each or 100b both.

EDIT Info: its a 250mm Light Artillery Cannon II Blueprint not a 280mm Howitzer Artillery II Blueprint, got wrong data from the guy I sell the BPO for.

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Mail sent

Set contract to this character please I will buy them both.

If Dai Kyoto won’t buy them. I’m interested in both.

its a 250mm Light Artillery cannon II bpo not a 280mm howitzer

Ill take them both for 80bil otherwise if you have a 280mm i will buy them both for 100bil

Thats correct, see edit of the first post.

Offering 80bil for both then.

Contract up for 3 days to Dai Kyoko.

Stop sending me offers, thanks.

Accepted pleasure doing business.

thank you, and everyone interested.

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