WTS T2 Rigged Ragnarok

Title says it all, I have a t2 Rigged Rag that I want to sell for 105 Billion. Message me with offers, Lowest one on contract currently is 105 billion with no rigs.



CDFE or HyperSpatial?

T2 cdfe rigs.

80b offer

Thank you for the offer, but that’s just too far out of the question for me.



Still pretty far from what I am hoping for. If I can move it today I’d take 100 right now.

Would you go 95 billion?

86bil my dude

Alright, I’ll hold for an offer closer to my asking. Thanks!

I would like to offer you 90B

If you agree please make the contract and I’ll get on it in the morning.

offer 93b

contract to this alt if you are ok with the price, i will accept it later on :slight_smile:

got another one, so no need to create contract. charles is highest bidder again

I’d really like to see at least 100 for it. but I’ll consider lowering that.

After considering, I’ve decided to accept this offer, holding out for a few more isk vs what I wanna do doesn’t make sense. Contract is up!