WTS T2 ship BPC

No. - Run - ME/TE - Ship

6x 8 run 4-4 Bifrost
3x 10 run 0-6 Magus
6x 8 run 4-4 Flycatcher
7x 8 run 4-4 Sabre
6x 10 run 0-6 Cheeta
7x 10 run 0-6 Stiletto
10x 10 run 0-6 Wolf

1x 2 run 4-14 Devoter
1x 2 run 4-14 Onyx

10x 10 run 0-6 Prospect

8x 10 run 2-4 Assault Damage Control II

Over 500 frigate class runs
4 HIC runs
located in High sec

Pack deal 900m - open for offers
Willing to break down into parts

Daily up

Open for reasonable offers, Willing to break into parts. Updated post to reflect this

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Pack deal price lowered

Going up!
Willing to break into parts.
Give me your offers!

Price dropped

Going up

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900m deal!

Enjoy your weekend!


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Enjoy the weekend!


Going up

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