WTS Tatara BPO ME 8 TE 18 42b

WTS Tatara BPO ME-8% TE-18%

For me better write in-game mail.

Is this still available?

yes ///

Will you take 50?

No. Only 55b.

Ok. Contract me. Ill accept in 7 Hours

wait 1 hour. i’m make.


Sorry got another one on contracts 5/14 for less then half that price.

I withdraw my Offer

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ап ап ап 4

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There is a Tatara BPO (ME 6) going for 33b on the public market.

53b for ME 5 has to be a joke right?

for this drawing, the value of ME does not make sense. it is important those TE.
TE very impotant.

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7/18 up