WTS Tatara in Jita - 8.9b

WTS Tatara @8.9b in Jita 4/4
Reply here, in-game, or on Discord GuZzi#3319

Would you do 9 for the Apostles?

I can sell you 2 for 10

ill take them for 10bil

I’ll take Thanatos and Nidhoggur for 6 B

I threw them up on public and they sold sorry bro

6.2 and I’ll contract them to you now, otherwise I’ll consider your offer

I see it sold. Np

The Nid + Thanny are still available (and Nyxes too ofc)


82b for both nyx

85 and I’ll send them over

82.5b for both nyx

Ill pay 84b for the pair… contract them if you accept

Contracted, thanks again

bump, tatara still available

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