WTS Tengu Storm Bear SKIN (Permanent)

I am looking for a person who is interested in buying this rare skin. You can send me your prices by mail. Keep in mind that the last sell order was at ~25 billion, and the last auction in 2019 ended at around 17 billion. Don’t offer me an undervalued price!

Location - Jita.

Zento is nicer (also much cheaper).

Looks like they ran out of paint half way through that skin, can we get discount for that?

As you might have guessed, the paint also has its own weight. For example, on a Boeing 747, the paint weight is about 136 kilograms.
If the paint is half finished, this skin does not affect the weight of the Tengu so much, which makes it more maneuverable and gives you an advantage in battles!
I think it’s worth asking for an even higher price!

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5b offer

bump guys


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