WTS Tiamat


200B strat

150b right now right here!

And keep in mind bumping only once a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Can sell you another tiamat for 300 bil

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One dies and suddenly its worth 70b more

Feel free to sell yours for that 150b

already did, now its a lossmail

gotta love RMTers

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the joke, zap, was that this alt selling that tiamat, is actually the same chap who lost the tiamat…

I hope no one sold it for 150 unless it was to me.

Wasnt aware it was his alt

sell me one for 150b then :wink:

I’ll take one too! How’s 1.5b sound? =)

Sucks to be broke.

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Gotta say… 150b kinda sounds like a ridiculous amount of money =)

i will offer 200b

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