WTS Titan BPO,Cap part BPO's, and Ship BPO's!

All bpos’ are located in TTT 1 jump from jita 4-4.

Best way to reach me is through in game mail since it’s linked to my phone and i can reach you faster. Thanks for the consideration!

Cap part BPO’s:

Capital Armor Plates Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.4B
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.5B
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.6B
Capital Computer System Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.2B
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.4B
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.6B
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint 10ME/20TE 2.1B
Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint 10ME/20TE 3.1B
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.6B
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.3B
Capital Power Generator Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.4B
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.5B
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.2B
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.3B
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.6B

Capital Siege array Blue print 10ME/20TE 1.5B

Cap Turret hardpoint blueprint 10ME/20TE 1.6B

Ship BPO’s:

Leviathan Blueprint - 8ME/10TE 70B

Dominix BPO- 10/18 1.9B

Megathron BPO-10/18 1.5B

Porpoise BPO-10/18 770m

Rorq BPO-9/0 3.3B

Chimera BPO-0/0 1B

Nifhoggur BPO-0/0 1.3B

Thanatos BPO-0/0 1B

Moros BPO-0/0 1.9B

Naglfar BPO-9/0 1.9B

Phoenix BPO-6/0 1.9B

Revalation BPO-9/0 1.5B

Apostle BPO-0/0 1.4B

Mino BPO-8/14 1B

Orca BPO-9/16 1B

Daily bump!

daily bump

Please contract me the orca bpo

Contract me the:
Minokawa BPO – 1B
Thanatos BPO – 1B
Chimera BPO – 1B
Revelation BPO – 1.5B

And if you’re willing to negotiate:
I’ll take the Rorqual BPO for 3.0B
The Nidhoggur BPO for 1B
The Moros BPO for 1.6B
The Naglfar BPO for 1.6B

Let me know what you think about my offers o7


@Jim_Halescott i’ll contract it over to you minus the rev and mino bpo since they sold yesterday unfortunatley and @KiloAlpha i’ll contract to you as well!



Also accepted
Thanks very much

I would like to buy dominix and rorq BPO for listed prices :slight_smile:

@Hehee_Hahaa already sold! updated the list and thats what i currently have! Daily bumo :stuck_out_tongue:

Daily bump!

Daily bump?

daily bump

daily bump

Have Levi 8/10 BPO and Apostle BPO 0/0 still up.

Still up

BUMP can lower Levi BPO price to 65B if in game mail is received within next week!

Apostle bpo only thing left

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