WTS Titan, Rorqual, NYX characters

No one else bids within 24 hours, I will reach an agreement with you

Do you want to quote a new price?

Hey man you need to write with the Charakters that they confirme the sale ( in this thread with each one individually)

Do I write a confirmation sale or do I need to perform some action to confirm the sale?

Each character, you need to post, “confirm i am for sale” in this thread. or delete this and make one individually with each character… This way we see some visual proof they are for sale.

Thank you for your reminder, I will update

Sir i belive you dont get the point. Each Charakter that is for sale need to post individual in this post i am for sale like in this post ❎ WTS Multiple Toons from 2006 to 2015 perfect Starter or SP Farmer

So login witch each char go in this thread and post with the char hey i am for sale or smth like that

My English is not very good, I don’t understand where I went wrong

Have each character for sale post in this thread, saying “I am for sale”.

I probably understand, I will update the content

No you didn’t. Pls take a look at the theard that i have linked.

There you see that he listed every char in the first post.

When you are scrolling down you see that every Charakter that he wanted to sell comment / reply to his post with the word:

And that is what you need to do. Every char need to reply /comment in your sell thread that they are for sale.

So I use the sold characters to reply here. I want to sell, right?

Raissa Time 17b

Raissa Dive 26b

Angela Shu 60b

yes :+1:

I am for sale

Raissa Dive 27b

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

18bil bid for Raissa Time

I don’t think anyone else wants to make an offer. Next, I will make a deal with you. I’m a novice, what should I do next?

@Valtyr_Medici get Raissa Time -18B
@Joerg_Risalo get Raissa Dive -27B
@Lian_lei get Angela Shu -60B
@Civran_Ortemus get Ming-ming Shu -98B