Wts top 151 m sp dread pilot, subcaps V, half million of unallocated sp

Here you go Quantum Anomaly

151 m sp PVP/PVE character: Hel Nyx Vendetta Dreads Marauders HACs and many other ships

Skills spread over wisely, minimal trash skiils

NPC corporation +
Wallet green +
No kill rights
3 JC in Jita
Location: Jita

BO: 125 bil ISK

90B offer

I play 125B

125B offer

@poem-caijudonglixia deal! feel free to send isk and account name for transfer

I am working now, I will send my account deatils and isk when I back my home. It won’t take long, maybe a couple of hours.

@Max_Solonik ISK and account info sent

the role has been sent

Have received

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