WTS Top Tier Abyssal Mods REDUCED PRICES

(Akundi Pree) #1

I have several mods for sale, offers welcome by mail!
Ballistic Control System: 5b
Warp Disruptor: 900m
Offers welcome on all these prices.

(Akundi Pree) #2

AAR and web sold, everything else still for sale!

(Akundi Pree) #3

Still for sale!

(Akundi Pree) #4

Daily bump still for sale :slight_smile:

(Akundi Pree) #5

Still for sale, grab these mods whilst they’re around!

(Akundi Pree) #6

Daily bump

(Akundi Pree) #7

To the top!

(Akundi Pree) #8

Still for sale!

(Akundi Pree) #9

Sill for sale, reduced prices

(Akundi Pree) #10

Bump, grab these reduced price mods whilst they’re still available!

(Akundi Pree) #11

Daily bump

(Akundi Pree) #12

Still for sale, offers are welcome on these mods

(Akundi Pree) #13

Updated with new prices

(Acnantas) #14

wow what incredible mods! But as somewhat of an abyssal mod connoisseur myself, i do believe these prices to be rather inflated, i would make a wholesome but fair offer, in my proffesional opinion of course, of a whole 1 billion isk. Yes you read that right…1…BILLION isk. You’re welcome, contract to me ingame.