WTS Top Tier Abyssal Mods REDUCED PRICES

I have several mods for sale, offers welcome by mail!
Ballistic Control System: 5b
Warp Disruptor: 900m
Offers welcome on all these prices.

AAR and web sold, everything else still for sale!

Still for sale!

Daily bump still for sale :slight_smile:

Still for sale, grab these mods whilst they’re around!

Daily bump

To the top!

Still for sale!

Sill for sale, reduced prices

Bump, grab these reduced price mods whilst they’re still available!

Daily bump

Still for sale, offers are welcome on these mods

Updated with new prices

wow what incredible mods! But as somewhat of an abyssal mod connoisseur myself, i do believe these prices to be rather inflated, i would make a wholesome but fair offer, in my proffesional opinion of course, of a whole 1 billion isk. Yes you read that right…1…BILLION isk. You’re welcome, contract to me ingame.

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