WTS True Sansha Quad Mega Pulse Laser

(Kognac) #1

Not sure what to ask for this but I was told by some that 9bil is a good price.

Item is in Jita 4-4

(Dove Hita) #2

Jita 4-4 sell order 2.250b

(Kognac) #3

Nah considering its never been on market.

(Dove Hita) #4

(Arestes) #5

I’ve been collecting these for over a year. Selling up all my shizz which you’ll find on Jita market.

The Quad Mega Pulses I think sold in about 2 hours flat, but as they’re the HAWs and only faction kind (i.e. no Concord) it kinda makes sense ?

(Kognac) #6

Well in that case i will contract it to whoever wants them for 2.25bil

(system) #7

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