WTS Unit P-343554 MFSU

(Mr Hunk) #1


Looking to sell
1x Unit P-343554 Modified Fighter Support Unit Price set at 11B
Location is Jita 4-4

You can sent me an ingame mail or post here.

Greetings Mr Hunk

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #2

I will offer 10b

(Mr Hunk) #3

Its still for sale.
there is one in Jita for sale for 11,6B .

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #4


(Mr Hunk) #5

bump and merry xmas to all!

(Mr Hunk) #6

still for sale!

(Mr Hunk) #7

contacted the offer guy but no response still so i guess its still up for sale.


(Mr Hunk) #8

still for sale bump!

(Mr Hunk) #9

happy newyear bump

(Mr Hunk) #10

still up for grabs :smiley:

(Mr Hunk) #11


(Mr Hunk) #12

the module is still for sale.

(Mr Hunk) #13

nobody wants to buy this nice module??

(Mr Hunk) #14

still for saleā€¦none interested?

(CJ Agnon) #15

ill do 7

(system) #16

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