WTS Untrained Veteran (2005 character) [SOLD]

SPs: 2.6 mill.
Born: 5.6.2005
Location: Aokannitoh (Hi Sec in The Forge).
3 remaps available.
No kill rights.
Neutral standings.
Sec.status: 0.0
Positive wallet.
In State War Academy her entire life (6427 days).

Will sell her in 14 days (by Jan 23). Auction, starting bid: 3b

@Eythor the character for sale must respond to this thread confirming they are for sale, or it will be locked.

3 billion isk

I’m confirming that I’m for sale.

Suddenly realizing too late, that could be interpreted like I’m a prostitute… :wink:

  • Catherine

4 billion isk buyout

If you raise your buyout to 5 bill, it’s yours.

5 billion isk buyout

5 bill accepted. SOLD to Friedricer.

Loggin with right charcter and confirm deal and I will send you account info and 5 billion isk

Confirming that Friedricer now has bought me.

Account information and 5 billion isk sent for transfer of Catherine Espartos to my account

Character arrived , thanks for trade :slight_smile:

Sale completed.

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