WTS Vanquisher Titan BPC

(Aylisei) #1

As Title, WTS Vanquisher Titan BPC
Item Located in Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
25b Bid
30b B/O or ONO

(Arestes) #2


(Aylisei) #3

Bump Bump

(Aylisei) #4

Daily Bumperino

(Aylisei) #5

still up for grabs still cheaper then jita contracts :slight_smile: will accept equal in PLEX

(timelines) #6

20 …

(Shaleen) #7

24b . Have a good day

(timelines) #8

26 bil have a nicer day

(Shaleen) #9

27b . Have a super duper nice day

(timelines) #10

28 hope your weeeeeeek is nothing but good

(timelines) #11

seems the seller does not wish to sell no contact on here or in game ???

(Shaleen) #12

Very disappointing . No longer wishing him/her a good day

(timelines) #13

would have to agree with you

(Arestes) #14

Gentleman, please. Though one may be upset or feel injured from a 3rd party does not mean we must depart from our decency.

(system) #15

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