WTS Vehement BPC

Have two available in Domain region, 30B each obo.

As a bonus, I’ll drop in the 50x Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor to get your construction started. (which basically makes it 29.5B)

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50 B offer for both

I’ll politely decline this offer. I’m al for discounts but lets be reasonable!

Okay, I’ll come up to 55 B

Make it 58B, and I’ll still throw in the Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor :wink:

I don’t need SMCM.
I will stay at my offer as we meet there in the middle. Cheers.

Still declining. With your logic, if you had started at 0isk we would end up at 25 :open_mouth:

This is already under isk price at LP store, not even taking into account the LP needed.

But the price is determined by market. As long as there are Vehement BPC public contracts at 30-35 B, I’m still gonna ask lower than that when it comes these deals. You could wait, or buy them and resell them in order to up the price.
My 55 B offer is only valid for the next six hours.
Good luck. I do hope you obtain a deal at the price you requested. It’s a good price.

Cheers for the feedback.

These BPC’s have been in my inventory since the original event in 2016, and only take up 0.01 m3 each so I’m in no rush.

Just glad to see the build requirements actually are reasonable now and hope they’ll move eventually.

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Still available for those who want to build their own Serpentis Modified Moros

56b offer

Still avalable? 60 for both