WTS Vendetta

Hull with rigs (Trimarks).
Looking to get what I paid for it.

95B for the 'detta.
Currently located in the Q-EHMJ Keeepstar owned by Horde - http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Vale_of_the_Silent/Q-EHMJ

No, I’m not moving them to a public Keepstar.

Fits are available as optional extras.
'detta fit - https://evepraisal.com/a/mnwu2

Reply here or via PM ingame.

I fear you may have missed the boat on these bad boys mate there is people struggling to sell the vanq for 270 on these very forums and dettas have been struggling at 70 :pensive:

Last time I buy anything from you in that case haha.

Dont get mad Vi,

Vanquishers are being sold for 255 and Vendettas for 60b in some places

Seeing as how Goons are about to crash down your last keepstar, the buyer may have to pay an additional 15% in taxes to get it out of asset safety. So asking full price for those ships may not be the best.

I saw month ago Vendetta which was sold for 63bil. Now its not a problem to get BPC and build your own Vendetta.

guess what, vanq asset safety is like 200m

(source: personal experience)

Its 15% of the base cost of the minerals. So no, its not 200 million.

(Source: I built one)

thats fine, i asset safety mine literally 6 months ago and only have to pay 219m in fees in a lowsec station

Hmm always wanted to know that but even a normal titan has 8-9b asset safety doesn’t it?

My Levi was less than my Revenant to asset safety so not sure about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanquisher sold for close to asking price.
Vendetta sale pending at asking price.

There are always people who will pay for convenience :slight_smile:

I can tell you for certain that a vendetta currently costs 13.65b to asset safety.

o7 :smiley:

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