WTS Vepas' Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener

B/O 35B

Open to trade with AT ships (will pay price differences).



daily bump

Estamel’s Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener sold

Interested to trade for Bestla and isk my way?

Estamel’s Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener is sold 5MIN ago.

Are you interested in Vepas’ Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener?

Yeah the vespas, I seen the estamels sold. :frowning:

i guess the key question is how much isk you are expecting

Valuing your mod at sticker (35b) and my Bestla at sticker (170b) i’d be looking for 135b.

can i pay the difference with skill extractors @380M ?

I would be willing to take something else, little interest in extractors especially at 380. :frowning:

I dont like them either :upside_down_face: but unfortunately, my friend got ■■■■ tone of them and I have to get rid of them :melting_face:

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