WTS VNI Ratter, Carrier Project CANCELED

Selling Mateo Han 15m sp and change

Was working on this being a carrier alt, no longer need. Subcap drone skills done.

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Mateo_Han (12459)

Can fly VNI
Located in Jita
1 bonus remap
Timed remap available 2/20/2018

1 clone Learning implants

  • 5 perception
  • 5 willpower
  • 5 intelligence

1 jump clone no implants

Positive Sec status, and wallet. No kill rights
B/O: 16 bil
Starting bid: 12 bil
Bid increments: 0.25 bil

I will pay transfer. Isk sent to Mateo Han

Auction End October 21 at 22:00 EVE time or B/O

9 bil

9.5 b

Withdrawn, found a character that suited me, good luck!

Daily Bump.

10 BIL


Daily bump, updated auction end time. Current high bid Lysh Trild 10.25 B

bid 10.5 bil


Sale canceled. Minimum bid not met. Thanks for the offers.

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