Wts -


You’re deluded.

Paying more than a Vanquisher, for an admittedly sexy titan, when you can get the BPC for 200B.


I’ll offer 270bill as that is the upper limit of what it is worth, in no way is it worth what ur starting out at, as it has already been said, you are deluded if u think u will get more then 270 on a shield tanked titan. Otherwise good luck sitting on a overpriced paperweight

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you’re looking at 300 max buddy.

Even thats expensive.

GLWS tho.

Gl with the sale - don’t listen to the other opinions here. They’re rare & I wouldn’t sell mine for the numbers people are moaning about.


I own the FIRST one in the game ever dropped and built, I still wouldn’t sell mine at these prices.

Damn! I’ve been out dick-swinged

Not surprisingly with what you’re working with.

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Very good, Cody. That’s a clever joke for you.

I’m surprised you were able to rub your two brain cells together hard enough to get it. You must be exhausted.

I’m so, so sorry, Zahara. I had no idea I was poking fun at the special kid.

I just can’t repel autism of that magnitude.

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