[XMETA] Mecha Enterprises Fleet Nullsec/Lowsec PVP Corp Recruiting!

(CaseyLP) #1

XMETA is an exciting PVP focused corporation and a founding member of the Federation Uprising [FEDUP] alliance.
FEDUP and XMETA are based in Immensea, as a proud member of the Legacy Coalition. With Faction Warfare in its current state, we’ve positioned ourselves in an area with plenty of content and tons of good fights. Come experience something new in a hyper active PVP organization!

Feel free to contact me in game for more information!

Mecha Enterprises Fleet is a veteran PVP corp always looking to grow and adapt to the current (X) meta. Our roots come from solo and small gang combat in the lowsec region of Black Rise. Once known as the Junk Yard Dogs of Black Rise focusing on fast paced plex fighting, we combined forces with Aideron Robotics, Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc., and Alwar Fleet and in the face of the advancing Caldari Militia threat we launched a campaign to retake the south of the Gallente/Caldari Warzone. After our first campaign as an alliance ended in overwhelming success we turned our attention to the Minmatar/Amarr Warzone and helped lead a succesful campaign there ending with the Minmatar Militia conquering the entire Warzone. After this, we turned our attention to Nullsec, and with the joint forces of the Gallente Militia we invaded and took control of a large portion of Cloud Ring from the Cloud Ring Coalition.

As a forward thinking alliance, we have always adapted to find PVP content wherever it may be. Fleets run every day throughout every timezone for both alliance and coalition, and range from small gang roams to large scale coalition level fights. Our objectives can range from Nullsec sovereignty battles to structure bashes to faction warfare plex fighting.

What to expect:

  • Have a working mic with the ability to use Mumble and Discord
  • Participation on Alliance and Coalition discords to keep up with updates and important discussions
  • One of the best hauling services in the game
  • Multiple ways to make ISK (FW Missions, FW Plexing, Nullsec Ratting, Mining, Industry, and much more)
  • Support for returning players who haven’t been in the game for many years
  • Active and accessible leadership
  • Seeded Market
  • Mature and friendly community

Take a look at some of our videos, get a feel for our FC style and the kind of fights we’ve been part of.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2fNEBal1IR36605n_HZ2g

Come visit our in game recruitment chat at XMETA Is Recruiting or visit our public recruitment Discord: http://bit.ly/FEDUPublic

CaseyLP - Recruiter/Diplo [FEDUP]

100M+ main, 3 alts 50-70M needs new home - EU timezone
Returning (US) Pilot Probably Looking For Corp
(CaseyLP) #2

Recruitment, is, open!

(CaseyLP) #3

Some Coercer fun!

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Recruitment still open!

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We take home defense seriously!

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Recruitment still open!

(Caurannus Decks) #7

XMETA are good folks. Would recommend!

(CaseyLP) #8

Thanks Caurannus! Recruitment still open!

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Recruitment still open!

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Take part in fun roams!

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Recruitment still open!

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Fun Legacy Goku fleet!


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Recruitment still open!

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Small gang galore!

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Recruitment still open!

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Join us for action in Nullsec AND Lowsec!

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Recruitment still open!

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Take part in epic fights like this!


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Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #20

Be part of the most active Gallente Militia alliance in the game!