Mecha Enterprises Fleet - Federation Uprising - Legacy Coalition - Join the Southern Powerhouse

Fancy some action ? Want to change history ?

XMETA is an US/EU based corporation, part of Federation Uprising and operates under the banner of Legacy Coalition. The alliance is based in null sec in Immensea holding 17 systems of sovereignty. We were very recently right on the front lines of the war against Winter Coalition (Fraternity) in Detorid (who have now evacuated) so we know how to fight, and hard.

XMETA is looking to welcome you on board if you:

  • Are sociable
  • 18+ (we’re all adults)
  • Have a balanced approach to life
  • Are self sufficient
  • Want to PvP, get involved in trade, freight, PvE, industry or (moon) mining (or a bit of everything)
  • Want to play your part in great wars, and forge the history of New Eden

*Corporations looking for a new alliance are welcome to contact me here, ingame (Vapor) or on Discord (Vapor#5146)

What’s XMETA like ?

  • PvP, PvP and more PvP
  • Focused and determined
  • Combat is backed by the other activities
  • Comprised of experienced pilots
  • We are a refined blend of pilots from the US and around the world, so every nationality welcome.

SP requirements CURRENTLY - 5million (lowered from 25m)
You should have some knowledge of Eve, some PvP preferred, show us you’ve stretched your legs in New Eden a bit.

Until very recently, we were at full scale war - there was A LOT going on around here with ad hoc roams, wormhole diving, sovereignty defence, and just about every small, medium and large scale fleet action you could shake a stick at ! Although the war is all but won now, and Winter Coalition have retreated, there’s no telling when things could kick off again, so make sure you are here when it does !!

Within Legacy we are regularly flying with some of the best FCs and Eve personalities in the galaxy with the likes of Vily, Progodlegend, Seddow as well as RonUSMC and our own alliance XO, Silver Suspiria from Talking in Stations fame. It should be said we’re also fighting against some of the very best !!

FEDUP battle action:

Battle of 620

Legacy battle action:

Battle for B-6STA

There’s always something to be done, an objective to be completed, either covertly or through no holes barred fleet action. Situated where we are on the doorstep of Legacy staging systems, and linked in with the jump bridge network means mobilising for action is quick; it’s a busy place.

Drop by our Public Discord if you have any questions, or simply pop in and check us out.

We’ve had some ex members returning of late as well as lots of new pilots joining. We’ve also had a few corps joining the alliance.

It’s a good group of people. Drop by for a chat :slight_smile:

We’re on the lookout for pilots like YOU.

Drop by for a chat:

We’re open for business. Building steadily. Deployment soon. Don’t miss out. Come hang out in our Discord.

Me earlier

We are looking for you !

Click the Discord link above and drop by for a chat.

We’re looking to bolster our EU numbers right now, however all time zones are welcome.

Send a holotext to Vapor#5146, or EveMail to Vapor

You can also drop by our public Discord channel:

Just started deployment. Had some good engagements in enemy territory and some on home soil.

Drop by Discord for a chat. We need YOU !

Looking for pilots. EU, US or AU.

I’ll be at Eve London so look out for me.

In the meantime, drop by our Public Discord:

Looking for something special ? So are we !

Join our Discord and have a chat with us.

We have a group of great guys … helpful, (sometimes) funny, and determined … we have a Keepstar, a bunch of cool fleet doctrines, access to a super umbrella, and loads more …

Drop by our Discord for a chat and see if you like the cut of our jibs …

Join now to avoid disappointment !!!

Join now and CREATE disappointment (for others … mainly in Cache).

Did someone say lap dancers ?

Public Discord link:

Come and join us. Get involved.

Maximise your chances of doing something legendary !

We are open for business. Drop by our Discord and have a chat :slight_smile:

Some of us did this …

And this …

Looking for somewhere to live down south ?

Drop by our Discord to start your journey.

Look no further. Here it is:

We are open as ever. Come on down to our Public Discord and have a chat.

PS. Spies not welcome

Join now !

We’re NOT playing the Hypernet.