Mecha Enterprises Fleet [XMETA] - Recruiting!

XMETA is an exciting PVP based corporation and one of the founding members of the 400 pilot strong Federation Uprising [FEDUP] alliance.

XMETA is a rapidly growing corp always looking to the next step. Our roots come from Solo and Small gang fighting in the Black Rise region of Low Sec. Once dubbed, the Junk Yard Dogs of Black Rise by local groups we focused on fast paced plex hunting. We then joined forces with Aideron Robotics, JREX and ALWAR and in the face of the advancing Caldari Militia launched a campaign to retake the south of the Gallente Caldari War Zone. After our first campaign as an alliance ending in overwhelming success we turned our attention to the Minmatar / Amarr War zone and helped lead a successful assault there ending with complete victory for Minmatar. Recently we have expanded our objective once again and together with joint forces from the Gallente Militia have invaded and now hold Sov in Null Sec.

We are positioned well moving forward in our mission to find PVP content wherever it might be. Fleets run every day, and range from Small Gang low SEC roams, to large scale capital fights. Our objectives range from Faction War plex battles against the Caldari to the excitement of NULL sec sovereignty wars and skirmishes.

What to expect

  • Working MIC with the ability to use discord and team speak.
  • Participation on alliance discord for updates and important discussion.
  • Full logistic support through our internal shipping crew.
  • Many paths to ISK making. (FW Missions, NULL Rating, Industry and more…)
  • Support for new bros and alphas to start their EVE experience.
  • Active and friendly leadership.
  • Pilot training
  • Friendly and welcoming coms.

Come join us, we are recruiting all Time Zones, space is open for FCs that want to run fleets.

Take a look at some of our videos, get an idea of our FC style and fights we have been part of.

Come visit us in Game at XMETA Recruitment Channel
or come see us on Discord

Silver - XO [FEDUP]

Bumping for USTZ

Come help expand, prepping for the winter changes

Bump for USTZ


We had an outstanding roam tonight

Alot of action planned in USTZ today, all are welcome to join!

NULL Action

Fast growing, fun fights to be had. Come join us

Consider joining us today!

Back to some good OLE FW WAR this week, fast paced action, all fights all the time

Lots of action in recent days, WE NEED YO U!

We are looking for active EU players willing to FC, Alliance will provide logistic support and ISK as needed.

Looking for EU PVP seekers!

Look us up! Low sec is pretty hot at the moment

Fantastic action all around, look us up!

We are still recruiting, growing fast, having a great time! See video!

Bump it up, we are growing every day

Great opportunity join now latest action, this time in NULL