(Heleneto Maken) #1


(TxivYawg1) #2


(Heleneto Maken) #3

Thank you for the free bump, not gonna sell for <20b

(Mike Resin) #4

Sent mail in game, 24 bil b/o

(Heleneto Maken) #5

Send isk & details, and ill get things started
(I might fall asleep before I do but if I di I will do it when I wake up)

(Mike Resin) #6

Isk and Acct Details sent. I know the feeling mate, about to fall asleep myself

(Heleneto Maken) #7

waiting for CCP to start the transfer on plex for me zzzzz

(Heleneto Maken) #8

Character transfered

(system) #9

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