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Ok Been gone about 500 ish days had to leave due to some pretty crazy life stuff, I have 3m SP so pretty new. I have mostly exploration skills and like to do it but I am down to be molded in the ways of eve to a good corp. I def value Life first I have kids and football and dance thingys for the girl so life first is priority. I have a open canvas to the right corp, I wanna learn just need a nudge and teaching to get there. So you can message me in game and or here. I have little to no combat skills but like I said I am open to anything.

Little about me I am a older cat so I am laid back no dramma NO DRAMA! I like to drink beer, laugh and shoo the ■■■■. I am upfront but respectful and no when to shut up…mostly :wink:


P.S I know I dont have alot to offer but a sparkeling attitude and a willingness to learn

PM me when you get a chance, we like sparkling personalities!

Man, you will love it here.

Come chill with us in Delve!

Hi @Miami_Mark

I’ve eve-mailed you in game. Hope we can chat. In the meantime, here’s our Discord: https://discord.gg/auTztw6


Alt o7

At work so I will try and get to the responses when I get home tonight. Keep em coming

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