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(Nakito Kobara) #21

Still recruiting!

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Recruitment open again!

(Dawnbreaker Okaski) #23

Recruitment is open, Join ‘Yamagata Syndicate’ in-game for a quick chat :slight_smile:

(Dawnbreaker Okaski) #24

Recruitment open !

(Raena Tucker) #25

Great corp! :smiley:

(Nakito Kobara) #26

Still recruiting!

(Sisi Okaski) #27

Recruitment is open

(Sisi Okaski) #28

Still open.

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Recruitment still open…

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(Rayeth Sol) #33

Recently a member had some bad luck, and lost his recently acquired ratting carrier.

Nobody yelled at him, or poked fun.

I offered to build another carrier, and he could pay me later when he could afford to. Another member offered to loan ISK to help fit the new carrier. Still another member contracted a carrier he wasn’t using, no charge, and insisted it be accepted.

That’s just one example of the sort of great people -YS- has! We all wanted to help get a member back on his feet ASAP.

Go chat with a -YS- recruiter right away! :smiley:

(Nakito Kobara) #34

If you want a corp that cares for its members… Get in contact with us!

(Nakito Kobara) #35

Join up!

(Nakito Kobara) #36

Recruitment open!

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(Sakem Arkah) #38

Come join us.

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