Yet another returning player looking for corp

HI @Meldanor,

As a team of mature players, I think you might enjoy flying with the Voidstalker Heresy. We have a Real Life Comes First mentality, and you might be interested to know that one of our recruiters is also a teacher. We do not have strict attendance or voice requirements because we’re all adults with responsibilities and sometimes we are logged in while doing other things. When it comes to ops, we ask people to do what they can and understand that EVE is just a game and we encourage people to take care of themselves, their families, and jobs first and if we lose something, it’s no big deal because it’s a game and we’re all here to have fun.

I noticed you mentioned that you were not interested in capitals. We also avoid blob fights. Our capital fights tend to be skirmishes with a just a few ships on either side. Personally, I think I am allergic to lag and time dilation. Even if that doesn’t interest you, even cap fights need competent sub-cap pilots. I’m a believer in role-based fleet instead of uniform F1 blobs.

We have been around for many years. Although we have spent time in Null and j-space, we have always found that low-sec provides a lot of opportunity to pivot easily to any environment without having to deal with all of the extra stuff that comes along with living in a WH or Null.

We have more information available on our official ad. If this sounds good, drop by our discord for a (text) chat and we can see if it’s a good fit for us to move forward.

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