Yodik's Charta

In healthy purpose of industrial beginnings, i ask players, corporations and alliances join to agreement, which have character of goodwill. Those, who accepted this charta not registered anywhere and not must reported to author. Its essence and practice designed for pay attention to problems of beginner or not looking for easy ways industrialists, who can someday become your friends or develop to more interesting opponents.

Below list is compiled from considerations of strategic potential.
Charta considers untouchable ships Venture, Covetor, Procurer, Retriever, Miasmos, Epithal in any wormhole type and class.
Charta is not protect corporation Dwarfed ORE.

If you not execute this charta, then your zKillboard will take different amount loses of same ships.

Russian version.

I sure do love me the carebearification of eve ))))


Theres a lot of stiff competition for the title of “Craziest Motherfucker in Thera” but I think Yodik is still the king.


Please tell me you Role play and LARP.

Ladies and Jentelmens. No need to wrote your opinion personaly about me if you not planning to substantiate it. About your opinion about this charta, there is same reason on their claimed.

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even based on statistic of c6, where for 7 years was killed only 30 rorquals, i made little fix


This is actually an interesting initiative and I support it. If within such systems, I shall endeavor to meet it, where applicable. I tend to try and avoid shooting industrials as a general rule, but in null and wormhole space it is a bit more fast and loose.

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charta is simplified. tracking of charta violation starting from 1st august.

Lazerhawks fully support this initiative! great idea!

oopsy https://zkillboard.com/kill/86121269/

and what happens now?