You've heard it all before... returning to eve... for the 4th time

Middle aged.

Wife, 3 kids and job are guaranteed to restrict my eve time to a pittance.

At best I’ll be online two nights a week. If I’m lucky.

UK - based.

There was a time that I’d get the beers in… now I’ll put the kettle on.

Former lives spent in 0.0 and Wh. Open to anything so long as the folks online make it fun.


HI sullivan gilbert,

Welcome back again. Babel Fish might be a fit for you. should be able to get stuff done on your 2 nights. RL comes first and when you can you can get some game time happening. :slight_smile:

We do a little bit of everything down in Null sec. We are part of Requiem Eternal alliance, which is part of Legacy Coalition. about 1/2 our corp is UK(euro) and other 1/2 is US based.

We are a good group of players. many of us have kids and jobs. So we get it. :wink:

Checkout our forum post here: And our website for more info.


Blue Sparrow Evans
CEO / Chairman of the Board

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I am curious as to what classes as middle aged these days. Not sure whether I am middle aged or old :slight_smile:

I run a small corporation, I myself am UK based and while I do like to put the kettle on, it’s never to late for beer :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are looking to get back into the game, why not stop by our in-game channel EVE-FLEET and have a chat. Our main focuses atm are PVP and industrial operating out of both null-sec and WH.

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Hey mate o/ I have sent you a piece of in-game mail with more information.

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hi @sullivan_gilbert

You are one click away from FUN inc!

RL > eve
similar availability! (lol)
Check out our thread and website below…

Don’t delay …ping us today!

•In-game Public channel - “EBWF public”

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Hi @sullivan_gilbert

I’ve eve mailed you fella


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Thank you for the responses to my post.

It’s going to take me a whilse to get in touch with you all, but i will endeavor to do so!


Hey there @sullivan_gilbert,

Welcome back to EVE. Alwar Fleet might be the fit for you. There’s plenty of action to take part in whenever you have the time to log in. We know that real life always comes first.

We are focused on PVP, and we live in both Lowsec doing Gallente Faction Warfare and Nullsec where we own sovereignty in Cloud Ring. We are part of the Federation Uprising alliance, which is part of the Galmilistan coalition, and we are heavily EU based.

You’ll find that many people in our corp are in a similar situation as you, where real life can restrict game time, so we understand anything that comes up.

Come join our discord here if you’re interested in more information:


Human Resources Director of Aideron Robotics

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