Babel Fish Inc. Reloaded - Looking to for Players to join us in Null-sec

Babel Fish Inc. Reloaded

We are looking for active players to join us in Null Sec.

You might ask, why do I want to join these guys?

Simply put, We work together! For our corp mates, corp, Alliance, and Coalition. We understand that most of us have real Life obligations, but when we get time in the evenings to come and play it is great to find people to hang out, chill, and possible go out and do stuff together!


  • Need to get something made? A corp mate might be able to help you out.
  • Need to sell off some ore you mined? We got people to purchase that off you.
  • Want to PVP Roam? We have groups you can join.

You are joining not only Babel Fish but a great group of people in our Alliance “Requiem Eternal” and “Legacy” Coalition! Our Alliance has a good amount of Sov Space for you to Rat, Mine, etc. and with a wide range of skilled players. In addition active large fleet operations. Don’t just read about the big battles, be a part of them.

Returning Players: While yes things have changed overtime. We would love to have you join up with us and not only be part of Eve today but share with us your stories of the past.

Current Players High Sec Players: As a previous High Sec player I get the how the play goes. The wars from merc’s, the high sec ganking. How about you try something new and different. Come and be part of Null-sec, it is almost like playing a new game!

Current Low/Null Sec Players. Are looking for a change from your current group or situation? We might be a group for you to Join.

Interested? Check out our recruitment page on our website. It goes over some of the requirements we have. As a Null-Sec corp with Sov space we need active players and help to make sure we keep our way of life going.

I look forward to hearing from you!

PS If you haven’t heard we were just on the winning side in the great Nullsec war which has ended. Come Join the winning team!


Blue Sparrow Evans
CEO / Chairman of the Board

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