Hey guys. I am looking for a corp/alliance to join with an Industry focus and some PvP on the side. I have a 39.7m SP main, focused into PvP in Gallente and Minmatar, up to a Super. My other 2 alts are Industry alts, the better being 34m SP focused into refining, building and Rorqual Mining. I would like to join a corp that has Industry focused as whilst I do enjoy some PvP, my time is sometimes limited and I am more ISK focused so I would prefer fleets that are optional rather than mandatory. If you’d like more info, feel free to get in touch.

Hey bud, Give us a good look over. i think we might be right up your ally… Convo me in game if you have any questions…

Hi Cisco Atild,

Our corp is down in Null, A lot of us are indy but like you we like a little PVP too. We do require some active joining of CTA’s. But if you get a few in a month you are good. We have to defend out home after all.

More details here:


Blue Sparrow Evans
CEO / Chairman of the Board

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