Zero Reps Given looking for 0.0 players


Zero Reps Given. are looking for 0.0 pilots to live in our pocket of space in nulsec.

We are a member of Pandamic Horde Alliance. 24/7 fleets.

Corp is active, a good bunch of guys with an average age of 74. :slightly_smiling_face:

We will consider anyone with Omega and 4 million skill points minimum

Very active and well stocked Alliance trade and staging hub. Rarely any need to go to Jita.

We do Mining, Industry and protect our home systems. We do small gang roams (Alliance fleets can sometimes be to large, for me anyway.)

To be honest we need more FCā€™s and PVP pilots as we are lacking numbers. Being able to run roaming gangs would be highly desirable.

Great mining and industry opportunities. Boost and compression most of the time.

Drone space, always someone to do activities with.

Join REPLS Public for a chat and some beans.

Contact ImmI in game.

Thanks and regards,
Human Resources and Scottish arse.
Zero Reps Given

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