Zero Reps Given- Sov Null PVP/ PVE / Indy Corp

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Fantastic Team! Hit them Up! :facepunch:


Bloody Legends!!

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Come hit us up.

Hi everyone, I dont know how this works but here I am, Im a new player looking for a newbie friendly corp in which we can grown together and make new friends.

Look us up in game and join our pub channel and discord. All the information is in our corp description in game.


Great Bunch of Guys! Check them Out!! :sunglasses:

Heck of a hot week. Come by and check us out.

Come check us out in this hot weekend

Im in the corp been in for 3 months. Come join us we get stuff like this. Keepstar | SummerHall | Killmail | zKillboard

Plus roams and fleets everyday.

Come check us out.

Come by this weekend and check us out.

New week and new start in eve.

Hit us up.

Amazing Group of Guys! Hit them UP!!

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Come stop by and check us out.

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